Yes – it’s your data, so you can either delete it yourself, or request it to be deleted, and ADI Health will do so at the earliest opportunity with no cost.

No – your medsminder information is yours to use for your own purposes, but you can grant access to your NHS doctor and to your pharmacists.

Your Personal Health Record will be held on a secure server based in the UK fully compliant with NHS standards and UK regulations.

medsminder uses a Personal Health Record that is set up just for you. It contains only the information you put into it through medsminder, and you have the right to see all the information and remove any of it at any time.

medsminder is designed with security as its most important feature. You decide who can see your information and you can change that at any time. You can grant access to your doctor, your pharmacist, and any friend or relative, or you can keep it completely private – it’s up to you.

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